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Kiangoma PCEA Church in Nyeri named after satan, says Githii

By JAMES MWANGI | Friday, Mar 28th 2014 at 14:15
David Githii
    Rev David Githii during an unveiling   Photo: Courtesy

Rev David Githii has warned the PCEA church from naming churches after some names of individuals or locations lest they inherit a curse or desecrate the church.

Such names, he told The Nairobian, are in deification of sinful past or spirits of the dead or the living against the will of God’.

“What do you make of a church by the name, ‘PCEA Kiangoma Church’ (in Nyeri). The name of the place represents Satan,” he poses. Kiangoma in Kikuyu  means ‘the devil’.

Others that Githii cited include PCEA Ituramiro in Gatundu (the name means is to spread eagle your legs) and another church, King’eero — the name means slaughterhouse.

“No wonder some churches, parishes and presbyteries are ever in constant strife, dealing with the spirit of unbelief, immorality and scandals. PCEA Menengai Church, Nakuru changed their name after they established the name Menengai  is Maasai for the “place of skulls.”

“What is supposed to glorify God is credited as a property of a dead human being. Take the case of PCEA Muraguri Memorial Church. The name also means witchdoctor,”  Githii said.

His predecessor Rev David Gathanju dismissed the call to change the names saying people have lived with the names and the church cannot ask them to change.


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