Condom shortage for 45,000 sex workers ahead of Christmas

                 Shortage of condoms in Nairobi 

There is a shortage of condoms in Nairobi.  Never mind ten to 12 million condoms are distributed annually (to especially commercial sex workers) in Nairobi.   

The capital hosts the highest number of commercial sex workers in excess of 45,000, according to Kenya Aids Control Project (KACP). But as things stands now there are no enough condoms.

Yet the crazy month of December with all its decadence and debauchery is around the corner. 

 KACP through Sex Workers Outreach Programme (SWOP) has been distributing condoms quarterly to about 35,000 women and 2,500 gays in commercial sex and who are enrolled in SWOP programme. According to Dr Joshua Kimani, KACP Clinical Director, on average the sex workers in Nairobi require three million condoms every three months.

 In the last quarter they distributed 2.6 million condoms and on November 17, the government released 700,000 condoms for the last quarter, a trifling quantity particularly for the coming festive season.

“We are facing a shortage of condoms and in case we don’t supply them in time, I can tell you Nairobi will be on fire,” Dr Kimani told The Nairobian.