Objects for pleasure now on sale online!!

sex toys have risen above taboos and can now be bought in salons, bars etc.

Are you male, straight and having problems, for one reason or another, convincing women to pay you a weekend visit in your pad? Well, you needn’t see a shrink because you can now buy a sex doll from an online sex shop in the City at Sh15,500.

For years, sex toys were bought quietly and shipped in discreet unmarked packages. Today, sex toys have risen above taboos and can now be bought in salons, bars, adult shops and even offices. And whereas vibrators were rarely discussed, other than perhaps on late night girl talks, over a glass of red wine, now women openly talk about them in the streets. You can also find them advertised in social media and boldly displayed in various shops in the city.

Once ridiculed as objects of desperation and creepiness, more and more lonely Nairobians are embracing them in a recent burst of licentiousness following a surge in pornography and prostitution with male sex toys recording increasing sales as more sex toy shops open in the city.

Whereas women have been spending as much as Sh10,000 or more for battery-operated novelties like  a vibrating bullet, pulsing rubber duckie or bath sponge, or lipstick tube, Nairobi men have caught up with the craze for their own kind of toys. And if you want it, River Road’s got it.

Highlighting expectations of a strong upward trajectory in domestic sales, the ability to shop online has helped the rising popularity of the sex toys. Some of the popular online shops include Sextoyskenya, Kenyatoys, Rahatoys, kenyasecrets.com, and The Secret Kenya.

Rahatoys describes itself as the cheapest toy shop in Kenya where ‘Prices are less than 1k’ while at Kenyatoys ‘All toys are less than 4K’.

Pazuriplace.com say that they have delivered over 1,300 packages since 2009 form their ‘small 400 square foot warehouse in Kitengela, a suburb of Nairobi.’ In their site, 23.1 per cent of 1,723 respondents say that they have used a sex toy before while 76.9 per cent admit to have never used one.

Although they are generally known for being pathetic imitations of the real thing, some of the ‘pocket’ vaginas even have synthetic pubic hair sewn into faux flesh.

One of the sellers who spoke on condition of anonymity said that new designs and a changing social climate are making sex toys more accessible for men. Some of the male sex toys in the market include prostrate massagers, nipple clamps and a male masturbation sleeve.

The sex toys are now available in shops that have opened in the city in the recent past, which advertise that adult toys are good food. The newest model on the shelves is one that is as small as a bullet that uses batteries used in watches, just to ensure that even in places without electricity power the action never stops.

The bullet vibrator joins Jack-Rabbit, once the Mercedes Benz of vibrators. In the shops, you can have the  5-inch, 6-inch or  9-inch vibrating dildo costing up to Sh7,500, a double dolphin for lesbian play at cost of Sh4,500, love cuffs, massage oils, vibrating dildos without balls, butt plug for anal penetration ,  fun beads and anal beads and  lipstick vibrators. Various outlets have sex toys for ladies, men, couples, gays, lesbians and penis enlargers.

Many of these shops deliver the goods to your doorstep within Nairobi. For delivery outside the city, charges vary as from Sh500.

According to Nairobi lawyer Humprey Manyange, there is no law in Kenya that prohibits the sale, distribution or circulation of sex toys under the Penal Code or any other law.

“However, there should be caution on the mode of display and selling to avoid the disturbance of public peace and breach of public morality. Those selling should not sell to minors as it might amount to pornography, which is prohibited under Section 16 of Sexual Offences Act,” says the lawyer.

Dr Joachim Osur, a reproductive health expert, says it is more an ethical issue than a health one.

“These toys are used for masturbation, and statistically, everyone has masturbated at any given time in their young adulthood and they do so in various ways,” says Dr Osur, “It is more a question of morality, because medically, there is nothing harmful as long as they are not shared because they can cause or spread an infection.”

He reckons that their increased demand is because there is no law that governs their sale and distribution.

But pastor Jeff Nthiwa, a certified Life Coach with Destiny Life Coaching, is firm that: “Biblically, sex should happen within the context of marriage. Anything else goes against the norms and the teachings of the Bible.”