Kiambu residents turn tea plantations into brothels, beer dens

Tea plantation [Photo: Shutterstock]

Tea plantations stretching all the way from Nazareth to Limuru in Kiambu County are being turned into sex and drug dens by randy men and women.

This comes in the wake of an order for the closure of bars countrywide in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ban on bars must have hit party lovers in Kiambu so hard, forcing them to come with ‘innovative’ ways to keep the party going. Well, it seems tea plantations offered a solution to this lot, most of whom sneak into the bushes, after giving excuses that they are taking a drive.

A fleet of high-end cars parked by the roadside drew the attention of locals, who on closure examination stumbled on used beer bottles and cigarette butts in the plantations.

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This has caused public outcry among residents who claim that the increased immorality is a threat to security in the area.

Peter Njuguna, a resident of the area, says that groups often venture into the plantations from 8pm for partying and sex.

“They have no respect and are soiling our good name by turning this place into a sex den. Instead of obeying the government directive, they are bringing their mpangos here to do all manner of things. During the night, you will see a fleet of cars here. Soon after, men and women would start streaming into the tea plantations with alcoholic drinks”.

The Nairobian has learnt that the tea plantations in Nazareth, Mabrouk and Karirana are the hotbeds of the vice in the area because the areas are scarcely populated, with vast tea farms occupying huge tracts of land.

Speaking to The Nairobian, John Kaka, a conductor of one of the matatus that ply the route, said that it’s shocking that people have turned the area into a ‘sin zone.’

“We were shocked when we saw the many cars parked by the roadside and people dancing to mugithi songs. These things are happening during the night. You can tell that these people have money from the cars they are driving. They come with their slay queens who wear short dresses and smoke endlessly. I don’t think there is any sane man who would take his wife to a tea plantation for sex and alcohol,” he said, adding that, “Sometimes it is good to thinks before engaging in such stupidity that might put all our lives at risk.

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Mzee Wainaina wa Njoki, a village elder, says that this behaviour is immoral.

“People perish because of foolishness. I doubt they are keeping social distance. They know very well that they can spread the coronavirus like bushfire if one of them happens to be sick, but they have prioritised their sexual desires instead of caring for their lives. It’s shameful to hear such stories during these trying times when we should turn to God for forgiveness and mercy,” said the elder.

According to Pastor Zachary Ndugire, the defiance should be dealt with harshly before things get out of hand.

“It’s sickening to see people engaging in such activities when the country is in a crisis. Action should be taken against such individuals. These are the times when we should be at our homes praying for our country, not partying,” the pastor said.