Awarded Sh1 million for leaked photos: Lessons from former Miss Kenya

Ibrahim Roshanara [Photo: Courtesy]

You can seek legal redress if someone maliciously sends your nudes for the world to ogle at. 

City lawyer Daniel Odhiambo elaborates the three quick remedies when your nude pictures or videos are posted online:

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One you can demand immediate removal from the group administrator or website manager. If they refuse, engage a lawyer for a demand letter.  

Two, you can get injunctions from the courts barring future distribution of the material. 

And three, you can get civil remedies through the court if you have sufficient evidence like former Miss Kenya, Roshanara Ibrahim.

Revenge porn, says Odhiambo, can be a criminal offence under blackmail or harassment, which can lead to a jail term but many victims in Kenya don't know the law.

Odhiambo says posting nudes especially with malicious intent, "is a clear human rights issue of breach of the right to privacy".

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He cites the case of Roshanara Ibrahim who went to court after her boyfriend leaked her nude pictures, and was awarded damages of Sh1 million by Judge Edward Muriithi on December 7, 2015.

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