Jeremiah Kiereini: How shoeless boy became a billionaire

Jeremiah Kiereini [Photo: Courtesy]

Jeremiah Kiereini died on Monday May 13, and was cremated on Thursday, May 16. The former technocrat, corporate kahuna and billionaire business mogul was 90.

He wore his first pair of shoes at Makerere University, Uganda after leaving Alliance High School in 1946.

But ‘Jerry’ as moneyed friends called him, would 32 years later go to the DT Dobie showroom in Nairobi and drive out with a brand new Mercedes 450SLC Sport with a dual exhaust system.

Jeremiah Kiereini [Photo: Courtesy]

It cost Sh680,000 when a dollar was a dollar, a pound was a pound, the Euro was a rumour and the Chinese Yuan was a bad joke in 1978.

At the time…

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