Hot stories you may have missed from the Nairobian today

Zaheer Jhanda, Thomas Odembo and a Gideon's bible [Photo: Courtesy]

Friday is here and your favourite paper The Nairobian is flying off the shelf.  Here are four stories you need to get your hands on today:

Kisii politician took seven months to con Dubai ruler out of Sh400 million

Zaheer Jhanda, a form four leaver, has been in the news for allegedly swindling a member of the royal family Sh400 million. Read all about the intricacies of how his shady businesses fuelled his flashy lifestyle.

Ever wondered why all Kenyan lodgings have a Gideon’s bible?

Eric Ngure a lodging manager talks about couples bumping into each other, why bathroom slippers are slit and how they deal with screams, creaking beds, pastors and politicians.

A homeless mother is selling her kidney for half a million

Benter Akinyi was burnt by a boyfriend, abused by a bishop and assaulted by her husband. “He poured acid on my neck, back before splashing it on my face,” narrated Akinyi.

Read her whole story on today’s Nairobian.

Witchcraft made me eat lizards and tortoise

A 35-year-old man is the talk of Migori County after confessing that he has been eating reptiles, cats, and dogs. Read all about his strange journey to this unusual food delicacies.

To read all this and more, grab your copy of The Nairobian or buy the e-paper.

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