27 Congolese musicians who are buried at Langata cemetery

[Photo: Courtesy]

It costs between Sh600,000 and Sh700,000 to transport a body to DRC, which is beyond the means of many Congolese families living in Kenya.  As such, many have resorted to burying their dead in Nairobi.

A huge number of the fallen, who have been buried here, are Congolese musicians who serenaded many a Nairobi resident before their call to the afterlife.

Sadly, most of these men and women were buried without much fanfare.

1.Apar Bebe - Bilenge Musica (founder).

2.Bejos - Samba Mapangala’s Virunga

3.Vieux Mombasa -Virunga

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4.Ferroz - Chakatumba

5.Jeanot Makoto Ngosi- Rhumba Japan

6.Odilo Kayeye Poison aka Sauti Kubwa

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7.Koyo Ngonda - of General Defao band/Rhumba Japan

8.Dancer Gaugau

9.Gina Monganza

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