I curse the day I became a highway robber - inmate

Grace Wangui [Photo: Harun Wathari]

Grace Wangui wears a beaming and beautiful smile. It is hard to believe that she is a convicted highway robber with a death sentence hanging over her head.

“I knew that one day I would account for everything,” said the-mother-of three who has called Nakuru Women’s Prison home for the past 18 years.

“But I didn’t know it was going to be that soon,” she said, adding that she regrets her dark past.

“I miss my kids so much. Life in prison is not pleasant, and I know how it feels like to be denied freedom,” she said.

Grace Wangui [Photo: Harun Wathari]

Wangui, now 50 years old, says she can’t explain what drove her into crime, given that she had a good job and never lacked anything.  

“We were a notorious gang of five, and we used to attack...”

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