Say no to 'lungula' till you turn 21, Rangwe MP tells girls

Rangwe MP Lillian Gogo (with microphone) [Photo: James Omoro]

Rangwe MP Lilian Gogo wants the current sexual consent age moved from 18 to 21 years and not lowered to 16 years as had been proposed by three High Court Judges.

 “I am contemplating on how to initiate a constitutional amendment so that a minor’s age for consent to sex is moved to 21 instead of the current 18 years,” Gogo said.

 She argued that many girls and boys complete secondary education aged 18 hence indulgence in sex at that age interferes with their university education.

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“Sex affects education of minors especially girls. Extending the age to 21 will allow them to proceed with their education without hitches,” she added.

Gogo added that at that age, the genital area is still weak and sexual intercourse can easily result in health complications.

“The age of 16 is dangerous for girls to have sex because it can interfere with their future. Furthermore, hiyo kitu yao is not yet ready to withstand challenges involved,” Dr Gogo said during a fundraiser at Nyahera Girls Secondary School in Kasipul Constituency.

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The female genital organ is not ready for sex at the age of 16 years, she added.

 “Let every parent play their role effectively. Legal action must be taken against anybody who defiles a girl’,” she said.