I will die for DP William Ruto, vows Rashid Echesa

Rashid Echesa [Photo: Chrispen Sechere]

It’s been 57 days since Rashid Echesa was fired.

The former Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Heritage who served for one year a month and two days claims he is yet to know why he was sacked.

“I really don’t know why I was sacked, but I suspect the dismissal is because of my closeness to DP William Ruto whom I will die for, by making him the most popular presidential candidate in Western.”

Echesa told The Nairobian that he harbours no grudge and will reinvent himself for a political comeback.

“Though the sacking was a dent on my career, who knows, I might find myself back in a big position,” added Echesa.

“Now that I am a free man, I will vigorously campaign for Ruto in Western to popularize DP’s presidential candidature. I will be on a serious campaign drive to make sure that Ruto becomes the next President,” he told The Nairobian.