Tigoi Girls: Where students rode White Rhino

Friends School Tigoi students [Photo: Courtesy]

Nyatigs was established in 1965 under the Friends Church Quakers.

From its budding years of 1970s till now, the school is arguably a sports powerhouse, churning out deadly basketball and hockey stars.

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Tigoi teams have been a feeder pipeline for the top basketball league with an array of solid and exceptional players through the years.

Tigers have also produced a number of national volleyball and Basketball players who once landed an invitation for world schools games championship in Ohio state in 2010.

Friends School Tigoi bus [Photo: Courtesy]

Some of the notable alumni who sung the school motto “Discipline and hard work before it changed to Excellence is my Pride” in Navy blue skirts, white blouse, and navy blue sweaters, navy blue tie with white strips, include Nancy Atieno Warioba - who Joined Howard College thereafter Blinn College University of South Florida the Bulls women basketball team and also played for the National junior college athletic association.

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Others include Lucy Akinyi and Carolyne Nduta Njeri who joined South Africa Basketball Without Boarder BWB training camp in 2017. Then there is hockey player Lavender Adhiambo Rugusta, baller Everlyne Kedogo Assistant coach Eagle Wings association, Lavender Kamadi, the founder of inairobi, one of the faster growing Gen-Y online magazine. The girls retired in Harambee, Nyayo, Maseno, and Ruwenzori dormitories.

Nancy Atieno Warioba [Photo: Courtesy]

Mr. Masira the school guard was ‘darling’ to the girls who loved him for his wit and fatherly love.

Kufua Sosian and hewing firewood was the punishment girls hated most. Everyone would scramble for a space in the White Rhino school bus for outings to brother school Nyang’ori High whom they blended well and shared a love for basketball.

Rice and beans served on Wednesday was the favorite meal. Mrs. Emily Okutoyi is currently Tigoi’s Boss Lady.