Vocal Woman Rep in trouble for vanishing with handout after function

[Photo: Courtesy]

A vocal Woman Representative from Western region has left youths licking their lips and salivating after disappearing with ‘their money’.

The woman went underground soon after receiving ‘youth money’ given by a senior government official who had toured the county.

She is said to have received the money on behalf of the youth - only to vanish with the whole loot.

The guest had indicated that he had carried something small for the youths - for their snacks after the function.

The legislator rushed to the dais to receive the ‘handout’ on behalf of the youths.

She is said to have waved the swollen envelop to the youths amid shouts - but that was the closest the young men and women would come to the money.

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Mheshimiwa is said to have melted from the venue immediately after the functions leaving the youths biting their lips in anger.

“We thought after the visitor was gone that she would call us and share out the money, but that was not the case. We will get her,” a youth who attended the function told Powerplay.

 The youths are now accusing the MP of short-changing them - and have threatened to take unspecified action against the Woman Rep.

“As a mother she should treat us like her children, but she is a disappointment and we won’t forgive her,” another youth said.”

The politician’s phones have been off since the incident.