MP stressed, fears he may have infected madam with kaswende

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A member of parliament is a stressed man after one of his side chicks - a university student from the city told him she had acquired an STI - and that it was only proper that he goes for test.

The legislator fears he may have carried the STI to his wife and his string of women - and that soon he may be outed.

The hot female student is said to have gone for test after falling sick only to be told she had an STI.

She is said to have called mheshimiwa demanding answers - and asked him to go for a medical test. The student no longer attends classes as she continues with treatment.

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She is said to have hinted to her friends that she had a night of passion with mheshimiwa -without protection - which is why she fears he may have infected her.

“She complained of abdominal pain and was diagnosed with some sexual complications before being put on drugs,” one of her friends told Offside.

The worried MP is scratching his head as he plans to approach his wife with the news. “Mheshimiwa is stressed because he doesn’t know how he will tell the wife to get tested.”

The politician has been in constant argument with the wife who accuses him of having an insatiable appetite for beautiful college students.