Dirty wigs singled out as major contributing factor to low grades in schools

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Kenyan teachers have been challenged to improve on their personal hygiene as one of the ways to draw students closer.

Dirty wigs and poorly maintained hair by female teachers has been singled out as a major contributing factor to low grades in schools, according to education experts.

This was the highlight of a two-day Head Teachers Seminar held last week in Kisumu County.

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The Seminar that brought together 26 of the 30 Head teachers from the Homa Bay Sub County was closed by the Sub County Director of Education Wanyama, who challenged the mentors to improve their personal image even as they pursue individual career growth.

While the seminar covered key issues like curriculum implementation, personal growth among others, it is the hygiene of the teachers that took the central stage on the final day, after some teachers showed up for the workshop in torn trousers, some missing the hooks, dirty wigs and oversized coats.

“You must know that you are the role models to your students. How you behave in front of your students, and the clothes you wear should be given priority. You must be smart and clean,” Wanyama challenged the school bosses.

He added: “Sometime you may call a student for revision and while you’re busy explaining a concept, the student is looking the other way. You might think that he or she’s rude but truth is he can’t out up with the foul smell wafting from your wig.”

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There was even more drama in the seminar when a teacher (name and school withheld) found himself swimming in soup, after he fell down with a plate full of assorted food.

“That was so embarrassing. He could have just served enough food for himself then go for more he wanted to,” one teacher was heard saying.