Why should a pastor need a bodyguard, police outriders?

Natasha and Owuor are known to spot bodyguards [Photo: Courtesy]

Unlike missionaries of the past who were protected from the elements by God and the skins of their teeth, today’s pastors come with heftily build bodyguard who double as drivers who also open their doors, carry their bags or Bibles and stand behind them when they are preaching.  

City preacher Natasha Lucy recently posted pictures of herself in a private jet, surrounded by body guards in black suits carrying walkie-talkies.

Not be outdone, Prophet David Owuor has always had police outriders, armed officers and private security officers guarding him.

Whenever he holds a prayer rally, the town will come into a standstill with police harassing motorists, clearing the road for him, just like they do for the President.  

Bishop JB Masinde of Deliverance church once wondered in January 2015 “If you are the kind of prophets who is only surrounded by yes men and bodyguards, why should I preach about heaven, and I am afraid to go there?”

He continued:

“You find preachers preaching about heaven yet hiring men to protect them from going to heaven. When they meet me they ask why I don’t have bodyguards. Why should a pastor need a bodyguard? I am not licensed to carry a gun.

“There are preachers who when preaching they cannot open their coats because they are carrying guns. I am a pastor, what will you have done for me to shoot you?” Bishop Masinde concluded that ‘Good conducts are done in the meekness of wisdom.

“Meekness is power under control. You follow preachers who are not meek, they are arrogant. You got people saying come and touch my hand, my hand is powerful. If somebody tells you I am a prophet and you can’t judge me, run away from that character. A proper prophet allows other people to weigh what he is doing.”  

Bishop Gideon Mwarandu of the Lords Gathering Centre told The Nairobian that pastors, once they chose to serve God, should have no fear over anything but be ready to die for the gospel they are preaching.

“These priests who died in the line of duty, died for what they believed in. They had an option of keeping silent and turning a blind eye on the wrongs that bedevil the society. But they acted like true men of God, they spoke against it, and paid with their lives,” he said.