MP devises ways to rough up scribes, hits the gym

[Photo: Courtesy]

A Member of Parliament has been roughing up and even beating journalists who report negative stories about him.

The politician has since signed up for gym lessons apparently to pump up muscles - so he can manhandle ‘stupid’ journalists.

Local journalists have been forced to go slow on his stories for fear of being ‘taught an unforgettable lesson.’

There are claims he uses a few loyal journalists to spy on their colleagues before reporting back to him at a small fee.

The feared politician recently attacked a journalist in a washroom at the airport in one of the towns in Western region.

The scribe reportedly fought back before escaping. “I was having a pee when Mheshimiwa hit me on the head twice - from behind. 

I pushed him to the wall and escaped,” the journalist told Powerplay.

The journalists say they have reported the matter to the police, but no action has been taken as Mheshimiwa is known to the police boss in the area.