College girl returns car gift to politician over ‘tiring bedroom demands’

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A female college student has returned a Toyota Wish car given to her by a city politician.

The lady claims she is tired of mheshimiwa’s excess and tiring sexual demands.

The woman has accused her sponsor politician of using sex enhancing pills whenever she visits him in his city apartment.

The woman is said to have turned down a three-bedroom house gift that was to be presented to her after in April after a vacation in one of the coastal towns.

She says she has had enough of his ‘punishment.’

Elsewhere... Senator drowning himself in alcohol

A renowned senator is on the brink of losing his head as a result of too much alcohol. The powerful legislator has become a pale shadow of his former self.

Mheshimiwa has become loud and rowdy even during important meetings.

His penchant for the bottle and loud-mouth attitude has seen him get kicked out of high-voltage meetings.

His loose mouth has not helped matters, with his fellow waheshimiwa castigating him for always talking too much even on important matters of the party.

At home, things are not any better, with mama watoto on his case over his drinking habit. Stress and loneliness have become his companion as most politicians avoid him.