Why Dusit terror rescue cop gave Sh56,000 to ‘child smuggler’

Boniface Murage and Emmanuel Tamoo Sanayet.

Boniface Murage, the man who was arrested for attempting to smuggle his one-month old daughter out of Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) had no idea a policeman was willing to bail him out.

Murage, who earns a living digging trenches in Ongata Rongai, had only raised Sh2,000 from family and friends after three weeks, during which time the hospital bill for his child had shot to Sh56,000.

His daughter had been admitted with fever and breathing problems. Murage and his wife, both 22, have been married for 18 months.

When he was arraigned before Senior Resident Magistrate Caroline Nzibe at the Milimani Law Courts, an inspector of police based in Kangemi, Nairobi was waiting to bail him out.

Emmanuel Tamoo Sanayet, one of the Dusit terrorism rescuers, told The Nairobian that, “I was seated in my house when I saw a news item on TV. It was very touching and immediately caught my attention.”

He added that, “I was troubled by Murage’s appearance in court. What he did is criminal and I don’t condone that, but the circumstances under which the act was committed could not be overlooked.” Tamoo then boarded a matatu to Nairobi and connected to KNH, where he searched for the ward where Murage’s wife, Agnes Elewo and daughter were believed to be held.

He was told the bill had been cleared  but Murage was still in custody and that he was due to be arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts after  pleading guilty to charges of attempting to defraud KNH of Sh56,000 by attempting to escape with a patient.

Tamoo headed to the court, but was told that Murage had been released by the court. “I still had the Sh56,000 I had set aside for his bail,” he said, revealing that he later handed over the cash to Murage outside the law courts.  Murage appeared overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events.  

“I have done that in my personal capacity. In as much as I am a policeman, I am very happy that I found Murage and shared the little I had with him,” said Tamoo, adding that, “I represent a service and I must be seen to be in service.”

 Murage was handed a three-month suspended sentence.