It was a toy gun, I was just joking - Garbage collector seen with weapon

Alex Maina Kimani and James Irungu Kirucha (Photo: Courtesy)

A garbage collector who was recently photographed with what appeared to be a gun on his waist now claims, what he had on him was a toy gun and that he could have taken a joke too far.

Alex Maina Kimani, a turnboy for a garbage truck was arrested together with James Irungu Kirucha, the driver, after the photo- taken by Kirucha on February 15 was shared on social media and went viral.

It was Kirucha who posted the photo online, attracting ire and the attention of the public who demanded that he be arrested, because he could be a dangerous criminal masquerading as a garbage collector.  

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The two were collecting garbage around Kiwanjani area of Embakasi in Nairobi. They were arraigned in court for being in possession of an imitation of a firearm (toy gun) in contravention of the law.   

Police were tipped by the public and arrested the two in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate where they claimed they were collecting garbage.

Kimani told the court that he picked the toy gun from the garbage and jokingly tucked it in his waist as the driver took a photo of him before posting it online.

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They denied the charges arguing they had no criminal intention and were set free on Sh200, 000 personal bond each to await hearing of their case on June 4.