Broke pastor wants to sell his kidney for Sh10m to feed family

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A pastor from Kisii has offered to sell one of his kidneys for Sh10 million to raise money to cater for his family’s basic needs.

 Pastor Antonio Nyandoro, 49, who served in the Anglican Church of Kenya Eldoret and South Nyanza Dioceses before retiring early in 2009, said the decision was a tough one.

Nyandoro, who trained as a Catholic priest in Kenya and Italy, said he was the sole provider for his family.  “For the love of my children, I want to sell one of my kidneys to a willing buyer as I turn 50 on May 16, 2019. 

“Even if my other kidney fails in future, I would have lived my life fully,” the father of three said.

The pastor told The Nairobian that he needs money to cater for his kids’ education and also settle debts, which have been giving him sleepless nights

“I am stressed. I want to give my family the best. It is sad to watch my kids suffer yet I can provide for them. Further, I want to build a decent house for my family in Tabaka,” he said.

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Nyandoro said potential clients should contact him directly. “I am ready to save a life somewhere and anywhere in the world in order to invest in the lives of my children, that is why I am sacrificing by offering one of my kidneys for sale to someone who needs it,” Nyandoro said.

Nyandoro has a degree in Religious Studies from the Catholic University of East Africa and another degree in Theology from the Urbaniana University in Italy.

He told The Nairobian that he opted out of the Catholic Church Priesthood after developing a desire of having a family and joined the Anglican Church Priesthood which did not bar him from having a family.

“I served in the Anglican Church for 10 years and was greatly affected by the 2007 post-election violence especially when fellow priests went back to their tribal cocoons leading to my resignation,” he said.

The pastor said that he would like to serve as a chaplain in a public institution if given a chance but at the moment, he is engaging in some farming activities at his home in Tabaka area of Kisii County.

He said that his first born daughter who is 16 years old is a First Former his 14-year-old son is in Class Seven while his last born, a five-year-old girl is in Class One.

“I have tried several avenues to raise funds to cater for the basic needs of my family, but I have not been successful, that is why I have taken the drastic measure which I am sure will bear fruits,” Nyandoro said.

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He posted the message on his Facebook page caused an uproar among friends.

Pastor studied in Italy

Pastor Antonio Nyandoro pursued a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies at the Catholic University of East Africa in the early 1990s as he trained to be a Catholic priest.

He went for further studies at the Urbaniana University in Rome, Italy where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Theology while in his advanced stages of becoming a Catholic priest.

He opted out of the Catholic Church Priesthood and joined the Anglican Church of Kenya and served in South Nyanza and Eldoret Dioceses for ten years following a desire to have a family.

He resigned in 2009 and has been engaging in small scale farming.