Hottest matatu: Mtwapa's Boss Lady appeals to young women

Boss Lady.

Mtwapa town is transforming its mathree culture.

After doing some research, the industry players realised that most mathrees in the area were not ‘female friendly’. Hence, they brought in a mathree that is chic and sexy!

Boss Lady, as it is fondly known, spots a baby pink colour and has a feminine touch.

Martin Ojiambo is the man behind the transformation.

“It is one of the best nganyas around. It has really appealed to the young women, who are classy and sophisticated. You should see how they queue at the stage waiting for it,” observes Teflon of Mombasa Matatu Gallery.

The portrait of local artiste Vivian, according to the owners, is meant to recognise and appreciate Kenyan women in the music industry.

So, next time you are in Mtwapa, give Boss Lady a try!

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