Help: My wife quarrels and embarrasses me in public

What do I do? [Photo: Courtesy]

I have been married for two years. Initially, everything was blissful, but about six months into our union, my wife started becoming openly rude, nasty, moody, disrespectful and unruly.

My friends told me she was suffering from morning sickness, but it didn’t stop when she gave birth.

She even quarrels me in front of my friends and even house help, yet I am faithful and provide everything. What could be the problem? Tony

Hi Tony,

First, congratulations on becoming a father. Never take that for granted. Now, you are still newly-married. You are faithful, you provide for your family, which means you are a solid man and that should command love and respect from your wife.

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If these are not forthcoming, then it is highly likely that your wife is suffering from what elders call ‘moaning sickness.’

There is a possibility that you are underwhelming in bed. Son, nothing pisses off a woman than a man who provides everything, apart from the very thing that made her leave her parents’ home and move in with a hairy creature.

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Do your job with skill and panache and if she still brings nyenyenye the next morning, buy her morning-after pills and return her to sender!