Cindy slams Bobi Wine, says he is to blame for new government laws

Bobi and Cindy [Photo: Courtesy]

Dance hall artiste Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy, says musician Bobi Wine is to blame for the strict new government laws in the music industry in Uganda.

Cindy, who sent the message via clips, says the music industry was okay until the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament started politicking.

“I have been thinking about these laws that they want to impose on us as artistes. At first, I was really mad about some of the rules, because I had not read the entire booklet. But then I started thinking, ‘how did this whole thing start?’ Of late we have had a really good relationship with the government, we were getting there...until we started politicising music,” she said.

“The whole Bobi Wine thing, the people power going on... we mixed politics with music and now it is hitting back hard,” she added.

The government, through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, is planning to introduce new laws that govern the entertainment industry in Uganda.

Some of the regulations include an introduction of a licence that will be issued by the ministry to all artistes, filmmakers and theatre practitioners who stage or perform in public places in and outside Uganda.

Artistes will also have to sign a code of conduct that prohibits consumption of intoxicants before a performance, indecent dressing and staging one performance per day.