Nairobi's hottest matatu: Ngong's Rugged Edge changes colours depending on the temperature


Ngong is rising, and it appears they are not holding back when it comes to matatu business. A new mathree dubbed Rugged-Edge, is the reason this route is now on everyone’s lips.

With its simplicity of royal purple, this nganya has won the hearts of many, less than a week since it hit the road. It has been touted to be Nairobi’s finest.

One of its outstanding features, is changing colours depending on prevailing temperature, courtesy of Kevin Muchiri of Kevs Auto.

Muchiri is famous for his works airbrush work.

Rugged Edge has chosen a soft and light touch, from the exterior to the interior. It also has fewer TV screens and less graffiti.

One of the mathree’s crew told Ma3 Culture that: “It’s true people love the simplicity in this matatu. We believe in transformation of the matatu industry and we want to lead from the front. We are committed to having a disciplined crew and ensuring better return on investment.”

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