MP goes into hiding after visiting moneyed Jubilee politician

[Photo: Courtesy]

A sitting MP has been forced to go into hiding after locals, mostly the youth, pursued him after getting wind that he was part of the delegation that visited the home of a senior Jubilee politician.

The MP is reported to have received loads of cash during the visit to the politician’s home and locals wanted their share of the ‘loot.’

The MP was forced to leave his home in the dead of the night for Nairobi after local youth camped at his gate.

The locals believe their MP is loaded and should be kind enough to share the millions.


There was drama at a city hotel after some Jubilee politicians from two major regions differed with each other over the ongoing succession politics.

 The discussion turned chaotic after an MP from Rift Valley called their counterparts from Central betrayers, leading to a heated argument.

Some members were ejected from the hotel and forced to hold a parallel meeting elsewhere.

As they left, they could be heard warning that abrasive politics adopted by their brothers will not help their cause.