Wife ‘resurrects’ minutes after hubby claims she was dead

Gilbert and Atieno [Photo: James Omoro]

Drama ensued in Homa Bay town after a woman confronted her husband who had faked her death.

Esther Atieno from Ngegu village in Rangwe sub-county was infuriated that her husband, Gilbert Monye, 55, had claimed she was dead as an excuse to solicit money from well-wishers.

 It is alleged that Monye had told journalists that his wife had died in 2007 and he couldn’t afford to raise school fee for his son who had cleared Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) last year.

He was asking well-wishers to come to his aid.

“I only fish using a hook, but the fish I get can only sustain my daily meals. The boy’s mother who could have helped with financially died in 2007,” Monye said in the presence of his son and a friend who accompanied him.

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However, Atieno, who got wind of the news, stormed the meeting and declared she was alive and kicking.

  “It is wrong for my husband to announce to the public that I am dead so that he can get money from well-wishers. He has embarrassed me because I am capable of paying my son’s school fee,” Atieno fumed.

 After being interrogated, Monye confessed that they had separated with Atieno 10 years ago and that is why he claimed she was dead.

 “A wife who has stayed away from you for 10 years is like someone who has died. That is why I could not consult her when I wanted to take my son to school,” said Monye.

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But Atieno differed with Monye over the separation.

“It is true that we separated, but it was three years ago. I have been contributing towards my sons upkeep whenever the need arises. We even met in December and he has no reason not to reach out to me if he is financially strained, because I can help,” Atieno added.