Waiguru charged with attempted murder over ‘moshi ya jiko’

[Photo: Courtesy]

A man has been charged with attempted murder for attacking his neighbor with a panga.

John Waiguru allegedly attacked John Githinji with a panga in December and injured him in the process.

Police said the attack left the complainant with deep cuts on the head and neck. The two are alleged to have argued over a jiko, which Waiguru is said to have lit and left next to the Githinji’s door.

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The court was told that Githinji stormed out of his house complaining about heavy smoke, and demanded that Waiguru move his smoky jiko elsewhere.

Police said an argument ensued before the Waiguru attacked the Githinji. 

Githinji was reportedly rescued by neighbors who heard his cries and rushed him to hospital.

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Waiguru was arrested and later arraigned in court.  He, however, denied the charges and instead accused the Githinji of attacking him first.

He was released on Sh300, 000 cash bail. The matter will be heard on March 4.