Why our dads did not entertain slay queens

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The definition of a practical woman goes something like this: “The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.  A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.”

Before social media and infiltration of Western values, there were many practical women, which was why it was common for a man to attribute his success to his wife. These days, women are not as practical and most men now credit their success to their mothers.

I am old school and back in the day, we saw our mothers doing basic chores around our dads including ensuring he was smartly dressed, all the buttons in place, he smelled nice and his cloths properly ironed.

In fact, men who looked untidy were chided with the words: “Tafuta bibi.”

Men knew the importance of getting a practical woman who at the end of the day, was the head of the kitchen cabinet and advised their husbands on matters investment and how to organise and plan the family, including schooling and where to live.

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Our mothers knew the importance of sacrifice and patience as wealth built over time was more stable than quick riches.

Though our mothers were women who desired creature comforts, they had priorities like domestic stability and getting the basics right like saving to retire in comfort when all the kids were gone. That is why they co-owned most properties.

Not that the mothers contributed much, but our dads considered the sacrifice and the comfort offered during acquisition.

Today, a slay queen jumps into an affair with a rich sponsor and expects the man to kick the wife to the pavement which never happens.

To show their worth, these slay queens have a policy of ‘eating a man’s money like a hotel.’ Men without disposable income to be chewed are broke asses and most of these women prefer taking a gang of buddies out “tuka kule mwanaume.”

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For drinks, the Girl’s Brigade orders what they see their friends posting on social media to keep up appearances. Though the father of the slay queen doesn’t even own a bike and mostly uses a boda boda to check his pension from the City Council, the woman still looks down on men driving a Probox.

 They use cabs during the day so that people see them alighting from them instead of saving the money by using public means. They also prefer restaurants to the healthier home-cooked meals before taking to clubs where they drink more than the men, in between showing how famous they are by hugging everyone, from the bouncers to the dreadlocked DJ

There is a difference between being liked and being valued. Many people will like your posts especially if you post pictures in various states of nudity, but it doesn’t mean they value you.

Those who are looking for future love know that just like employers most men go through your time line and from that, decide if you are a practical woman who can be a future companion or just another slay queen out to become a social trophy for entertainment purposes before being released to Team Mafisi!

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