Wambasa Primary: Where Mighty Prophet Owuor trekked to school

Prophet Owuor. Mombasa Primary (inset) [Photo: Courtesy]

This is a public mixed day primary school in Bondo Constituency, Central Yimbo Location, Usigu Division of Siaya County. It now has 250 pupils under head teacher Josiah Nyawade.

It was established in 1968 when there were only three schools in Usigu Division- Usenge, Jusa and Majengo - and many kids walked long distances to school.

Their parents also walked long distances to quench their thirsty throats in busaa dens neighbouring the schools.

They became the butt of jokes about how they could not build a school and rescue their kids from the long treks.

That was how Wambasa Primary School was born to silence haters. Wambasa become a giant in academics and sports and under head teacher Owyer Mboya, football was highly regarded. 

Wambasa Primary [Photo: Courtesy]

Owyer could forget about the referee and summon a player in the middle of a match for punishment for blundering.

The late head teacher Dorca Jang’olo was among the pioneer volunteers who guided the school with a ‘Forward Ever, Backward Never’ motto, which has guided many alumni, including self-proclaimed Mighty Prophet Dr David Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry.   

Dr Owuor was among the first cohort to wear a white shirt, brown short and black pair of shoes-although shoes were not compulsory. Girls wore white blouses and navy-blue skirts.

Other alumni include Bondo MP Hon. Gideon Ochanda, electrical engineer Dick Ndiewo and Paul Onyango, who works with a Nairobi-based USAID supported organisation as a field agent supervisor.