I didn't have any intimate relationship with Rose Muhando - Kenyan musician

Kenyan artist Stephen Kasolo and Rose Muhando Photo: Courtesy

Kenyan artiste Stephen Kasolo has denied claims that he is manipulating Tanzanian gospel artiste Rose Muhando.

The accusations emerged just days after an exorcism video recording of Muhando went viral.

The controversial video recording presented fodder for bloggers and other news outlets, as the Tanzanian gospel star became the subject of debate.

As many people debated the auntheticity of the exorcism, Kasolo a popular Kamba gospel artiste and close ally of Muhando for three years, claimed he is the one who took her for deliverance service at Neno Evangelism Centre run by Apostle James Ng’ang’a.

Kasolo’s pronouncements did not seem to go down well with other local gospel artistes, most of whom accused him of manipulating the mother of three, pushing her into drugs and a forced intimate relationship. But speaking to The Nairobian, Kasolo denied the accusations as baseless.

“I’ve never introduced Muhando to drugs or had any intimate relationship with her. If anyone has evidence of that, they should come out and prove it. Some people claim that I’ve been hiding her. That’s not true. As a matter of fact, Rose’s relatives came for her to help her get further treatment and she left the country,” Kasolo told The Nairobian.

Kasolo and Muhando released a new hit on November 27, titled, Musitutafute, and which has been seen as an effort to tell off haters bent on spoiling their music partnership.

“I’m happy that the hit has been received well. Those who are talking ill of us are idle,” he added.

Kasolo published a video of a local radio interview with Muhando on July 8, in which the songbird confesses her love for Kasolo...” the way a woman can love her husband”

Kwa keli Mungu amenipa roho ye kumpenda kama vile mwanamke anapompenda mume wake,” she said during the interview.

The new track has so far received more than 25,000 views on YouTube and is mostly dedicated to Muhando.

Kasolo, who claims he was a street boy in Mombasa before discovering his music talent, has a huge following in Ukambani and has produced numerous hits alongside Muhando.

A local artiste who spoke to The Nairobain said Kasolo posted their new hit on a common WhatsApp group, but it was not received well by other faithful, proof that all was not well.

The Nairobian sought to speak to Muhando’s close friend and confidant Olive Mwema, a fellow Tanzanian, to shed light on Muhando’s tribulations, but she said declined to comment.

She said the timing was not right and promised to respond to our enquiries at the right time.

Muhando, whose powerful voice kept many of her fans entertained and inspired, has been through a lot. She has been dogged by allegations of drug addiction and abortion.

Her chronic health problems, a career on a downward spiral, a snake bite and sexual harassment by a bishop, have added to her woes over the last four years.

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