Aphrodisiac coffee makes Nyeri men ‘pant’ in bed

The coffee retails for Sh80 a sachet [Photo: Courtesy]

Sex among Nyeri residents will never be the same, thanks to a special coffee that hit the area.

The aphrodisiac coffee stocked in a popular beauty shop promises to boost men’s libido in 30 minutes after consumption.

Packaged in 10-gramme sachets, the coffee, that retails for Sh80, come in two different varieties. One is branded Maxman Men Coffee, which promises to increase the size of a man’s member, and have effects lasting for up to 180 hours.

The second sachet, under the brand name ‘IS Penis Enlargement’ promises passion for two hours. John* says that after consuming half a sachet of the coffee, he was impressed with the results.

“On Sunday night, I had my girlfriend over and I made myself the coffee. Based on the results, it was fine because we both noticed a difference in the size and energy I exhibited. She was very impressed,” John explained.

He rated the coffee highly, praising it for living up to expectations of a long-lasting erection. “The sachet promised 180 hours of erectile marathon. I have never had an erection that lasted that long in my life.  But because I only drank half the coffee, I didn’t make it to two hours as advertised,” he said.

According to the accompanying pamphlet in the coffee sachet, the aphrodisiac coffee is the latest product of Hong Kong Men Guinness Group Aphrodisiac Coffee.

“Thirty minutes after drinking this product, penile erection quickly happens, thickening, increased and extremely hard and can persist for more than seven hours,” the manufacturer promises.

“For dosage, 30 minutes before sex, take a bag, with warm water or directly eat (sic) the coffee,” they recommend.

The coffee flew off the shelves fast enough that within a week, the Nyeri shop had run out of stock. However, The Nairobian noted that the sachets had no Kenya Bureau of Standards stamps, but only bore the seal of approval from World Sex Association.

Online similar products sell for between Sh136 and Sh196 per piece. According to the National Chairperson of Nutrition Association of Kenya, Henry Ng’ethe, sexual performance is linked to a healthy diet and intimacy between partners.

“Nutrition is key for better sexual performance, considering that a lot of energy is needed to fuel the exercise,” he noted.

He advises men that there are a number of minerals and vitamins that are essential to sexual performance such as zinc, which is tied to sexual function and sexual development in children and men.

Ng’ethe stated that zinc is needed for the production of sperm, while selenium acts as an antioxidant; therefore helps reduce episodes of erectile dysfunction.

“Men should seek out Vitamin B3 which improves the sexual flush which increases blood flow to the genitals and intensifies the orgasm, while Vitamin B12 increases the sexual drive that improves penile erection by enlarging blood vessels. It also stimulates secretion of histamine needed for orgasm.”

But he warned men to keep off self-prescribed medication and sexual enhancement drugs without consulting a nutritionist or a doctor.

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