Husbands must protect wives from other drooling men

Men must protect wives [Photo: Courtesy]

A while ago, a distant friend invited me to a party in his Lang’ata home. It was one of those parties where expensive alcohol is paraded and people turn up dressed in designer clothes and carry only iPhones.

I actually felt cheap with my Chinese phone. It was one of those parties where people speak in English, or slightly outdated sheng, due to their age, and class.

The food was nice, especially the beef and chicken drumsticks. The music and the system it was piped from was top-class.

People were happy, not necessarily because of the party mood, but because they had smoked weed, and I did see some powdery stuff.

Since I am socially awkward, and mostly a fly-on-the wall in these things, I sat in an abandoned couch and immersed myself on Wikipedia, reading about black holes.

Some girls did develop some interest, but they were either older than me (I do young only) or had overdone makeup that made them look like cadavers.

Also, when we started talking, I noticed they have little interest in black holes and astronomy, so obviously, I was not a good candidate for their fantasies.

It was one of those parties for decadence. Parties where people have sex in any corner. I saw guys make out in the parking lot, I ran into some guys in a compromising situation in the toilet, and they were not even sheepish about their dirty little behaviour.

I saw some guy run his hand up a woman’s smooth thighs in some poorly lit corner of the expansive living room.

But the worst thing I saw that night was the wife, or is it girlfriend, of the host cavorting with one of the more lecherous of his male friends. It broke my heart. It was blatant, so brazen, it shook the foundation of my faith.

The host was at some point knocked down by the powder or the marijuana and had disappeared for a while.

I saw his woman hugging and having herself touched inappropriately by one guy. And I saw her go into the car with a different person and emerge after a short while.

It is a fairly common thing nowadays. Virtues like loyalty, common human decency and self-discipline are all alien to millennials. Both men and women alike have become whores. It’s really disgusting.

In the past, our mothers were mostly domesticated, running the family shop and this really limited their exposure to predators. Very few ventured out.

But in the city, few men have control of their wives’ schedules. With work, conferences to attend and randy colleagues on the loose, it is important to protect your woman. Because women are weak.

I know men are weak, and loose, but when it comes to self-control, a good number of women can easily give in to any charming bedroom bully who knows how to flirt.

The least a man can do is to guard his woman jealously, especially where he can exercises control.

Like if he knows of relatives who have the libido of Billy goats, it would be wise to ensure that his wife or girlfriend stays as far away from these men. Avoid having them travel together for long distance.

Limit the exposure, because loose men do have sleek tongues, just like friends with loose morals.

If you have ever knowingly shared a woman with such a friend, know that even your wife/girlfriend is not immune from these bastards.

Avoid having alcohol-intoxicating parties in the house. Don’t let your woman go to the bar without you, because the devil lives in the bar.

And never allow a woman to gaslight you that she can control herself. Better to err on the side of caution.

I may sound like an insecure, primitive prick, but growing older, with the exposure that I have, I have come to trust the measures our ancestors put in place to ensure they controlled women.

I have nothing against women being free to make their choices, but within marriage, from one man to another, guard your wife, buddy. Don’t enslave her. If you notice that you can’t control her, let her go.

Don’t hurt. But live with the painful fact that there are men out here salivating over your wife, and will do anything (give her money, validate her ego, promise name it) just to score a point.

There is a reason the devil approached a woman at the Garden of Eden.

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