Run from these 5 men,they'll screw you up

A couple at home

Kenyan men are quite a handful to put up with, that much we know. But at the end of the day, it gets pretty lonely when you have no one to share your life with.

While making your choice of men, you should be very wary because there is a high chance it won’t end well. If you want peace, steer clear of these kind kind of men as there is no amount of sex, money or love that can save you from this pending heartbreak:

The married man

He will come to you bearing all kinds of excuses on why his marriage is not working. Today, it will be an excuse that they were forced to marry the woman he calls his wife to evade a generational curse.

Tomorrow, it would be another story - he’ll swear that he wants to be with you and only you because his wife no longer has sexual feelings. Unless he shows you pictorial evidence of his wife’s vagina glued shut, do not buy into this nonsense.

After he is done with you, he goes home and curls up in her arms. Guess who takes the biggest fool trophy home? And no, he will never leave his wife for you. In fact, Willy Paul Msafi has a better chance being a janitor in heaven than you ever getting married to that guy.

Even if he leaves his wife, he won’t come to you... because you have already portrayed your questionable morals by shagging a married man!

The sole breadwinner

He is the extended family’s only hope in the world. He is the child who does the most heavy lifting at home. He takes care of his parents’ every need and all his siblings’ education, in addition to myriad other financial burdens.

Even his brother’s alcoholism and unmarried sister’s numerous crotch fruits rely solely on him. Do not; I repeat, do not marry this guy unless you have really understood the place you’ll take in his life.

You will never come first or second or third in his life. You will be the one watching inside from the side-lines. You will be the outcast and the cursed one in his whole family. Her mother will hate even minor details like how you chew your food.

They will accuse you of sorcery and every other thing under the sun. In that house, they will watch your every move, as you are the wicked daughter-in-law who wants to turn their son against them.

Add that to lazy in-laws in your house who expect you to cook and wait on them. Your life will be a living hell.

The one who frets about your age

This is the guy who treats age like some kind of foreign disability in women. He calculates your years and months keenly on the first date and proceeds to ask you why you are single at that age. He cannot get over the fact that women sometimes opt to build their careers before settling down.

He sees singledom as a failure in life, regardless of your stability or success in society. You are probably better off with a loaf of bread than this guy because they are all air, no substance and will add absolutely zero value to your life.

Chauvinistic society has already won him over and there is no saving him. He will simply waste your time and go for a younger woman.

Msafi kama pamba

You have to admit that in life, every human must have a few skeletons in their closet. But with this man, you cannot find any evidence to nail him.

His social media accounts, phones and existence have absolutely no indication that he has ever interacted with a woman. Everything is scrubbed to the bone, you’d think it was soaked in a concoction of bleach and blood of the lamb.

This is the most dangerous of fisis because besides his bite and appetite, he has learnt the art of camouflage. He knows how to wipe his prints clean, be it physically or digitally.

He clearly has an array of vaults and apps to keep his secrets well hidden from you. This guy is clearly a well-packaged heartbreak.

Guys who love you too much

I know you might think this is odd as we are after all seeking someone to truly love us. But when love goes overboard, it becomes dangerous as it is replaced by obsession and infatuation.

He will monitor your every move and micromanage your life. This man has a higher chance of killing you if you try to break up with him - he believes that if he can’t have you, no one else should.

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