I am living proof that God heals incurable diseases

Agnes Nyambura [Photo: Courtesy]

After being healed of what doctors termed as an incurable ailment, Agnes Nyambura now devotes her life to feeding and counselling orphans as a way of giving back to community. She shares her story with Silas Nyamweya

How was life as a child?

I was born in Ngong in 1995. At a tender age, I developed serious stomach complications. Upon visiting a hospital in Ongata Rongai, I was shocked to hear from the doctors that I was suffering from incurable ulcers and that there was nothing much they could do to save my situation.  

 That must have been devastating...

Yes. In fact, the doctor told me that only God could heal me. I was really heartbroken. They claimed I had ‘incurable ulcers’. I lived with the condition for 26 years. I used to vomit a lot, suffer from headaches. I could not do simple household chores.

You say you were miraculously healed. How did that happen?

It was during a fellowship at Deliverance Church in Umoja. I shared my story and asked the church to pray with me.

I asked God to cure me and set me free from the disease. I promised God that if he cured me, I would serve him for the rest of my life. The disease disappeared a few days after the prayer and upon visiting the hospital, the doctor gave me clean bill of health!

You currently run a children’s home. What motivated you to go that route? 

Growing up, I was passionate about kids. So, when God healed me, I realised that the best way I could thank Him was to care for orphans, especially those left behind by parents who had succumbed to HIV/Aids.

My children’s home is called Msamaria Mwema and is located in Umoja. I accommodate about 100 children, whom I feed every weekend. I also offer counselling services.

 Do you have donors?

 No. I use the money that I get from my mitumba business to run the home. But well-wishers sometimes step in to help. 

 What are some of the challenges you face?

Lack of finances is the greatest challenge. My desire is to support even more children, but this is not possible. For instance, I am running the programme in a church instead of a social hall or a designated building.

What is your future plan?

 I intend to buy land outside Nairobi and build a children’s centre. With the help of friends and well-wishers, I hope to realise this dream in the next two years.

Any word of advice?

If God has blessed you with resources, you should help the poor. We must always think of making the world a better place than we found it. Create a difference in someone’s life and your life will change.