Nyeri women should hunt for real husbands in Rift Valley – Catherine Waruguru

Waruguru taking her oath [Photo: Boniface Okendo]


The dust is yet to settle on controversy stoked by Laikipia Woman representative Catherine Waruguru, who advised Nyeri women to hunt for husbands from Rift Valley.

Speaking at a Nyeri Church last weekend, Waruguru encouraged women to get married to men from Kericho like her, because Nyeri men did not pay attention to her despite her beauty.

“I was born and raised in Nyeri, but men here did not notice my beauty. But when I went to Nanyuki, a Kalenjin man noticed my beauty and married me,” she said.

The MP does not shy from controversy and recently hit the headlines, after a fallout with a Kericho hotel that demanded she produces a marriage certificate before allowing her and her husband access the hotel.

Waruguru is married to a Nanyuki based lawyer William Kiget as a second wife.

“I am not apologetic for being a second wife. My marriage was solemnised traditionally and certificates are not issued during such ceremonies,” she explained.

She publicly urged the single mothers not to worry about being second wives and find husbands at all cost.

“Your husband belongs to you only when he is in the house. But the moment he steps out, he’s fair game and belongs to anyone,” said the legislator.

A number of Laikipia residents expressed their displeasure at the legislator’s public utterances, claiming she is not fulfilling her mandate.

Some   Laikipia residents have taken to social media and asked her to focus on matters that will benefit the electorate instead of dwelling on unnecessary debates.