Family wrangles mar Mama Oliech’s burial

The late Mama Oliech

Family wrangles have yellow-carded burial plans for the mother of former Kenyan captain Dennis Oliech, who died recently.

The family’s first born, Nixon Onywanda and his sister, Sarah Oliech, are fouling each other over where and when to bury one of Kenya’s most celebrated matriarchs of a soccer family.  

What kicked off the wrangles, according to family sources, is an unfinished family house in their rural home, which led to different siblings placing differing obituaries and burial dates in the same newspaper.

At the centre of the dead ball situation is Oliech’s sister, Sarah, who is away in the USA, and elder brother Nixon.

“The two have sharply differed on the burial date, with Sarah insisting that the mother’s house must be completed first. Nixon, on the hand, sees no need to postpone the burial,” explained our source, adding that “there have been many efforts by relatives to bring the two together so they can see eye to eye but all has failed.”

A week ago, it is alleged that Sarah sent away workers who had gone to install tiles in the unfinished house and wondered whether she is really interested in having the burial take place.

“She insists that the burial has to be done on August 18 when she returns from the USA where she works. Sources close to Nixon intimated that he is determined to go on with the burial this weekend since as the “first born son, the decision on when to bury their mother rests with him. He has the money to carry out the burial and nothing but a court order will stop him.”