I am too big to steal people’s wives - Atwoli

COTU boss Francis Atwoli

When blogs reported that a Bungoma politician was claiming that Atwoli had “used money stolen from poor people to wreck his home,” the COTU boss came out guns blazing.

He said he is the third most famous personality in Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, and that some people were just using his name to gain popularity.

“What f****** man is this? I cannot attempt to fool around with people’s marriages. Even me I have daughters and I would wish that people marry them out in the correct way [sic],” he said.

But the COTU boss surprised his audience when he declared that he cannot harm anybody if he found them red-handed in his matrimonial bed.

According to Atwoli, his late father warned him against killing or harming anybody no matter how much he is offended.

He said before he died, his father gave him four pieces of advice, including never killing, stealing nor participating in planning to overthrow a government.

 “If you find a man with your wife on your bed, the worst thing to do is to attack them. Just wake them up, greet them and usher them out. You can even offer them the bed, but not kill,” said Atwoli.

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