Nairobi's hottest matatu: Manugu is king of Dandora


For years, most mathrees plying the city centre-Dandora route had nothing to write home about.

They were all rusty and ‘boring’. But the tune has now changed with the arrival of Max-Flow aka Manugu.

This Nganya comes with VIP area that has 17-inch screen, four 24 inch hanging and main 49 inch in front.

Complete with royal purple exterior with polka dots, Manugu is now King of Dandora.

“Unlike other mathrees, we have a sound proof to make choice of music easier,” conductor Fredy Maloke aka Brown told Ma3 Culture.

Adding that “We have invested in expensive seats for the comfort of our clients.”

The Nganya’s driver, Maino Muriuki aka Moryo was once voted as the most discipline driver in town.

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