Drama as woman sets house ablaze after finding lover feasting on ‘nyama choma’

She allegedly set it ablaze [Photo: Courtesy]

An argument over who should provide money for food for the family is the reason a woman set her house on fire, a city court was told.

Anne Wanjiku Ngumba has been charged with arson, a crime she allegedly committed in Kasarani area.

 Police said the suspect lived in the house, property of Juma Ngorongo. The court heard that Wanjiku was angered after she found her husband drinking beer and eating nyama choma with friends at a nearby pub.

She complained that he was feasting while the family was going hungry. A fuming Wanjiku is said to have called her husband aside to ask for money to buy food.

Police said the two argued over the matter.

The court heard that Wanjiku threatened to set their house ablaze as punishment for his irresponsibility.

Wanjiku is alleged to have made real her threat after she set the house on fire. Police said the family lost all their belongings in the inferno.

Wanjiku was arrested on suspicion of arson. She, however, denied the charge and was released on a Sh50, 000 cash bail. The case will be heard on October 15.