Owuor’s security detail did not comprise elite cops and plainclothes officers- city police boss

Ministry of Holiness and Repentance, self proclaimed Prophet David Owuor during his crusade at Uhuru Park, Nairobi on Sunday, July 08 2018 [David Njaaga]

Nairobi City County police commander Joseph Oletito says there was nothing unusual with the tight security accorded Prophet Dr David Owuor of Holiness and Repentance Ministry during his recent crusade at Central Park in Nairobi.

The police boss also denied claims that Owuor’s security detail comprised elite cops and plainclothes officers who are said to have thrown a human shield around the preacher’s motorcade, while uniformed officers from Administration Police and Kenya Police created a buffer zone from the crowd.

Oletito says the high number of officers deployed to cover the preacher was a normal security precaution.

“We anticipated that many people would attend the crusade, and that is why you saw those officers. We did not want to be blamed for any security lapses,” said the police commander, brushing off claims that plainclothes security detail was drawn from the paramilitary General Service Unit (GSU).

 “We have established that most of those men in suits are former police and military officers turn prophet Owuor’s private security detail. Our officers were in uniform, drawn from various parts of the city,” stated Oletito, denying that a probe had been launched over a possible breach of protocol.

The Nairobian was informed that more than 10 officers were summoned and asked to explain their presence at the park yet they were not assigned duties there.

“It is true our colleagues have been summoned to the county police headquarters to explain their role at the park,” said an officer. Oletito said he was not aware of any probe on the conduct of his officers.

It is understood that some senior officers at Jogoo House and Vigilance House were left fuming over the big presence of officers at the preacher’s crusade even though a number of police officers are Owuor’s staunch followers.