Four signs your partner doesn’t like your job

Have you felt torn between your work and your better half?

Do you feel like the two most important things in your life are competing for your attention? Here is how to know where your job stands in your partner’s mind:

Your work news doesn’t garner a reaction from them: No matter how funny, interesting, or important your job-related news is, your honey never seems to care much. Sure, they smile and nod, but their eyes seem to glaze over and their responses are short and vague throughout the conversation.

They always comment about how much time you spend at work: Whether your partner is demanding you cut back on your work hours, or they’re just passive aggressively pointing out that you’re gone a lot, this isn’t a good sign. You need to do some serious reflecting if this is happening to you. It’s possible that they’re right and you are neglecting the relationship because you have a terrible work-life balance.

They imply your success intimidates them: This sign can come up in obvious and subtle ways.

They play devil’s advocate when you complain about work: You’re chilling out on the couch with your sweetheart, griping about how your jerk of a manager chewed your head off first thing in the morning.

Instead providing some sympathy, your our significant other takes your manager’s side!

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