My girlfriend doesn’t serve me food or wash my clothes

Dear Uncle Ted,

There is this chick I have been dating for the past six months. I love her and I am considering marrying her. Problem is she is filthy.

When she visits, she doesn’t touch a thing. If the bed is not made, she just pushes things around and crawls in.

She doesn’t cook (she prefers we eat out or come with chipo to the house), clean utensils or wash clothes.

In the morning, she won’t even bother to make the bed. Do you think she will change if I marry her and start behaving like my mum?


Young man, go on, marry the lass. If she is pretty and the sex is good, why would you care if your home is a pigsty?

After all, public hospitals are affordable and you can always hire a mama nguo to clean up. Also, in my experience, children loath decent food and they wolf down chipo 24/7. Do not allow small things like dirty sheets to come between you and the woman you love.

Your woman has absolutely no obligation to behave like your mum.

The woman who gave birth to you does those things because she is married to a man and she knows without any measure of doubt that if she attempted any of the stunts your girlfriend is pulling, she would be replaced in five hours flat!

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