Locals furious after Western politician vanishes with Sh100, 000

He only sent Sh3,000 [Photo: Courtesy]

Soccer fans have accused a politician from Western of taking them for a ride after he organised a 16-team tournament for local clubs only to send Sh3, 000 for the winner through M-pesa.

The tournament organisers had earlier told local clubs that there was over Sh100, 000 in cash to be won and that the legislator would attend the match.

Now locals, more so soccer fans, have vowed to teach mheshimiwa a lesson.

“It is embarrassing for a whole legislator to lie to the electorate and then vanish into thin air at the last minute,” a source told Offside.

The teams’ officials now want the politician or the tournament organisers to reimburse them the money they spent during the three day tournament plus the registration fees of Sh500 or face unspecified action.

Other sources however say the politician was not even aware of the tournament and that it is some locals who mooted the idea to get an extra coin.

Mheshimiwa is not aware of that tournament. These are people out to malign him, but they will not succeed,” a source told Offside.