Opposition MPs fall for President Uhuru, vow to act

President Uhuru Kenyatta after addresses the public at Kinoru Stadium,on Madaraka Day [Photo: Kibata Kihu]

The war on graft and the much talked-about lifestyle audit could take a new twist after MPs allied to an Opposition political party held a close-door meeting and resolved to defend the President against verbal attacks from those opposed to the anti-graft war.

During the meeting, the more than 10 legislators are reported to have expressed fear that the country could lose out if leaders won’t come out strongly to defend the President against corrupt individuals, some of whom are in his government.

Sources close to the leaders told PowerPlay that the MPs are angered by some remarks directed at the President over his stance on corruption and lifestyle audit of public officers.

“He is the president of all of us and we have the right to defend him if his lieutenants have turned against him and that is what we are going to do,” one of the MPs was heard saying.

“We will take anyone who criticises the President on this issue head-on, because graft will consume everyone if nothing is done.”