My mother moved houses while I was at school: From a street boy to pastor


  • Pastor Peter Blessing was left to fend for himself at age 9.
  • He found solace in the streets but attending a crusade changed his life. He chats about his journey

How was your childhood?

Tough. We were five kids and my mother was a single mum. I am the only boy. My mother struggled to feed us.  We lived hand to mouth.

You claim she abandoned you, what was going on?

Yes. I was only nine years. I had just arrived home from school and I was shocked to find our house empty.

My mother and sisters were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, she had moved in with her then boyfriend, who didn’t want to raise any boys.

My neighbour told me that she had come with a pick-up and moved all the household goods. That was in 2001. We tried calling her but her phone was mteja.

That pain must have pierced right through your heart...

I was angry. Devastated. I didn’t know what to do. My neighbor hosted me that night and the next day, I went to live with my grandmother who was living in Muthathini village, Nyeri County.

I stayed with my grandma for one year, but at some point she told me she could no longer feed me and asked me to look for my mother. That is how I ended up as a street boy in Nyeri town. 

Here, we scavenged for food. To survive, we would steal to get money to buy food. But deep down, I always had a desire to change.

What exactly do you mean?

Yes. I had a special place for God in my heart and I could occasionally go to crusades, open air and attend church services. In open airs and crusades, I helped the team fix the music instruments before the service began. I loved singing and I would worship and praise like there was no tomorrow!

A pastor, Vincent Magethe from Baptist Church had noticed my love for singing. He approached me and I narrated my story to him. He was really touched. He offered to host me and help build my music career.

Did he keep his word?

Yes. He took me to his house which was at the outskirts of Nyeri town. That was in 2007. 

The next Sunday, I companied him and the family to his church. He introduced me to the congregation, which had around 200 members. They were all moved by my story and promised to sponsor me to finish school.

I joined class 8 the following year since I had dropped out in class 7. I managed to complete my secondary school education thanks to Pastor Vincent. Although I did not perform very well, I am happy I cleared school.

Tell us about your music career...

In 2015, a church member decided to sponsor the recording of my first album, “Umenitoa Mbali”. The song narrates my struggles and how far God has brought me. It became an instant hit and it sold very well in the market.

The album helped me to record two more albums. I am also currently serving as a pastor.

So how did you become a pastor?

I was ordained to become a pastor in Nyeri Baptist Church, on October 2017, serving under reverend Vincent Magethe. This is after he saw the potential in me.

Before that, I had been teaching and preaching the word of God during midweek fellowships, home cells, and bible study and eventually, during the main service.

I am now pursuing a degree in Theology after completing a diploma in the same course last year 2017. I am doing a theology by extension by the Kenya Baptist Theological College.

Have you forgiven your mother?

Yes. I have no hard feelings towards her. I have no grudge. The Bible tells us to forgive and that is exactly what I have chosen to do. Let bygones be bygones.

I am at a happy place.

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