Mr President, I will end corruption for good: Kabogo targets Anti-Corruption post

William Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint him Anti-Corruption Chief for a swift end to the vice.

Kabogo, who was almost impeached as governor by his MCAs in 2016 over the county government’s involvement in questionable projects, reckons he will be a better sweeper of graft since, “the people involved in graft are known, and they do not work alone. The money can be easily traced because it was moved through banks; I suggest we try them in the public now. Let us shout about it.”

“The money involved in graft is moved through banks. Why can’t we trace the money and let people explain it? Make me EACC (Ethic and Anti-Corruption Commission) boss….That business of looting will stop before I even get there,” he said recently on local televisions

Kabogo, who was named among eight governors the Senate wanted investigated for breaching financial and procurement laws, said that corruption scandals will continue because graft is the easiest to lose billions as lazy and lenient leaders watch.

He says he has a better mousetrap for corruption and the current scandals are good examples of how not to tackle the vice.

“NYS and the maize scam are not new matters and are recurring in a similar way they happened in the past years and this shows the current approach is ineffective. We need first to resolve the first thievery for us to succeed in these fresh scandals,” he explained.

The former Kiambu Governor bragged that he only needs five days for looters to start running even before he begins working.

He also proposed that the country adopts seven presidents drawn from the previous seven provinces to form a sitting council in which each will become a chair for one year and, “this way, they will have no time to plan for corruption.”

The EACC has been headed by different bosses who have all left in acrimonious circumstances: Harun Mwau, Justice (Rtd) Aaron Ringera, PLO Lumumba, Mumo Matemu and Philip Kinisu who was replaced by Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, the current head.

Kabogo’s ten-year court tussle over a Sh3.5 billion parcel of land along Mvuti road in Westlands, Nairobi ended last year when the High court granted businessman Nayan Patel the land and   ordered the former governor to surrender it and pay a Sh100 million compensation for illegal possession and trespass.

The High Court ruled that Kabogo had no proper documents for the 7.5 acres of land and that Patel, the director of Aster Holdings, was the rightful owner.

The politician defended himself before Justice Elijah Abaga saying he had applied for its allocation in 2007 and it was accepted by the City Hall, which granted him a 99 year lease and later sought to sell it to White Horse Investments Limited but the registration did not go through.