Armed thugs targeting slow motorists at Taj Mall ‘cave’

The spot around Taj mall

Motorists and pedestrians using the newly built Outering Road are walking on tenterhooks following rising incidences of muggings and carjacking near Taj Mall.

The Nairobian has established that armed thugs have turned the tunnels under the roundabout into hideouts from where they attack unsuspecting motorists and those on foot.

The attacks are often carried out in the heart of the night when the place is deserted.

The heavy rains that have been pounding the city have worsened the situation as the spot is known to flood whenever it rains.

Motorists driving relatively small cars often get stuck in the waters, leaving them exposed to the attackers who are always lying in wait-and dangerous.

A lorry gets stuck at Taj Mall underpass

“The U-turn is dangerous and many motorists have been robbed at gun point. I’m a victim myself, but they did not manage to steal anything because I was swift and sped off leaving them standing and confused,” Frank Maluki told The Nairobian.

The area, according to Maluki, hides tens of armed robbers who attack motorist.

He says most of the drivers slow down in the area as they make the U-turn unaware that the thugs are waiting in the dark alleys.

“These people will strike fast, you will not even notice,” he warns, adding: “This message must reach all motorists. The stretch needs enough security lights and cops to patrol the area and deal with these crooks.” John Mose, a resident in nearby Pipeline estate told The Nairobian that he was attacked by thugs at the same spot as he walked to his house.

“They took everything from me. I could not fight then as they were many and armed.”