I’ve had three operations in India: The touching story of Makueni Woman Rep

Makueni County Women Representative Rose Museo [Photo: John Muia]

As other politicians hunted for votes on choppers and humongous fuel guzzlers, one woman won the hearts of her people while campaigning on crutches.

Rose Museo (pictured), Makueni County Woman Representative broke her leg in a nasty road accident in 2017.

“I was treated in India but the leg wasn’t healing well and I went back to India for a second operation,” Museu told The Nairobian.

In 2010, she fell off the stairs and broke a plate inserted in her leg.

“My husband took me back to India for a third operation and the doctors inserted a heavier plate; that’s why I walk with crutches,” she said.

Despite these challenges, Museo is Makueni County Woman Rep for the second time in a row.

“People of Makueni have accepted my condition. Oh yes they love me and I love them back,” said the MP who wants Woman Reps to be treated with respect. 

“The biggest challenge of holding this position is the fact that our role is highly misunderstood. Sometimes it appears that we have to keep reminding other elected leaders that we too are elected.

“You could be in a meeting with fellow MPs and some start addressing you as ‘mama’ instead of Mheshimiwa,” she said adding that, “They probably think we do not deserve the title Mheshimiwa which is absolutely misinformed.

“Some Woman Reps are also viewed as political threats because of the respect we command in the whole county which may result in some leaders undermining our work.”

The founder of Second Chance programme which takes girls back to school believes that if Kenyans voted for more women leaders, there would be no point in having the affirmative seat, which many Kenyans want to be scrapped calling it an unnecessary burden to taxpayers.

“Kenyans need to accept that this seat is meaningful and beneficial to them and not women alone. As time goes on I believe it is our responsibility as Woman Reps to prove to the society that the seat is important,” she said adding that, It’s about time the women Rep Kitty which is roughly Sh7 million per constituency every financial year received a boost.

“If you look at the bursary allocation, for example, it is only Sh2 million for the whole county yet there are so many deserving cases,” Museo lamented.

Even though she is unhappy with corrupt government officials, she applauds the President for his determination in dealing with looters of public funds.

“I am happy to see senior officials arrested in connection with NYS theft. This gives us hope of recovering stolen property and having those culpable jailed to serve as a lesson to others,” said the nominated member of Building Bridges Committee whose work is to reconcile the country.

Museo who appreciates Governor Mutua’s ambition to be president of Kenya says, “His only undoing is attempting to crash other people while climbing up. He should stop attacking those who made him like Kalonzo. Mutua must learn to crawl before he can walk.”