My son died a painful death in Lang’ata, distraught father

Elvis Etukei with his father Jessy Olukutukie

On December 22, 2017, Elvis Etukei Okiru’s body was found lying motionless in his room in a gated estate in Lang’ata, Nairobi.

Elvis, 21, was a law student at the University of Nairobi. His sudden death has remained a puzzle to his family. His father still believes someone was responsible for his son’s untimely demise.

Mzee Jessy Olukutukie claims his son was killed because of his bright and promising future by somebody well-known to him (the son).

Five months on, Olukutukei claims the authorities have never taken any action despite his efforts to make the wheels of justice to move.

On the fateful night, Elvis was sleeping in his parents’ main house while his brother Ronny was sleeping in the servant’s quarters as was the norm.

Earlier, the deceased had spent the day till late in the night with a close friend who is also a student and pursuing a different course.

Olukutukei who was out of the city received a call from his daughter Brenda who lives in Karen. She called on the fateful morning informing her dad that Elvis was no more. That he had been found in his room lying unconscious by his brother Ronny.

“Brenda told me that Ronny told her that he found Elvis lying unconscious in his room. An ambulance was called, but the paramedics declared he was already dead, thus it was a police case. The story changed to suicide,” he recalls.

Elvis was buried on December 30 in Bungoma County, paving way for his father to pursue justice, but which he says has become elusive.

Elvis Etukei

The officers who arrived at the scene booked the matter as sudden death. It has also been stated that there was a jiko burning in the room, hence the suicide theory. But Olukutukei has dismissed both explanations.

In pursuit of justice, Olukutukei has written to Lang’ata Police Station. In a letter dated January 5, 2018. In the letter seen by The Nairobian, Olukutukei rules out suicide since the house keys were found placed on the bathroom window where anyone could have accessed the house from outside.

He also dismisses the jiko theory, claiming that there was no sign that the jiko had been burning, and that there were no matchsticks on the floor or even papers used to light the jiko.

“I had seen the jiko together with burned charcoal the previous Sunday (December 17, 2017) before traveling upcountry on December 18. His hands were also not stained,” he stated.

He added that: “Elvis did not have any money on him, yet it is alleged that he bought chapati that he shared with his close friend. Further, his mobile phone password had been changed after unknown amount of money was transferred to another number,”

He alleges that his son could have been lured to another place, suffocated and carried to his room to cover up the murder as he was found lying face down and his fist clenched close to his chest.

“The last time I contacted the investigating officer, he claimed he could not remember the case,” the father said.

Lang’ata police boss Elijah Mwangi agreed to have seen the letter from the Elvis’ father.  “The matter is still under investigation. Let him get in touch with the DCIO for the missing gaps, that way everything will be solved. We like doing things transparently because things will not be solved through phone calls,” Mwangi told The Nairobian.

Elvis Okuri Etukei cleared high school in 2016 and scored an A, the father said.